Friday, March 12, 2010

Iranian President Ahmadinejad and US destabilisation of the Middle East

Today Iranian President Ahmadinejad has warned that the US and its allies have destabilised the Middle East. Before we dismiss this statement as the ranting of a mad man, let's remember that senior US figures have said the same.

James F. Dobbins (Director, International Security and Defense Policy Center, RAND Corporation; Former assistant secretary of state and special envoy to Afghanistan) confirmed that in the 30-40 years when Western troops were not interfering in the Middle East that the area was relatively peaceful and in equilibrium.

Iran's sabre rattling has a defensive element in response to the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, threats from Israel and the US, and now the increase in US Navy capability in the Gulf and the stationing of US missiles in the UAE (in response to the perceived threat from Iran).

It would be self destructive for Israel, or the world, not to be vigilant in the face of a real threat, however, provoking an Iranian reaction or overreacting to the actuality is equally dangerous.

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  1. I am also against Iran having nuclear bombs, but we (Israel) have them too. At the moment our government consists of criminal and corrupt war-mongers. The scary part is that they control the IDF and our nuclear arsinal.
    I am more afraid of them than of the Iranian mullahs.
    Besides this fact, the West supports "war against Iran" because of their oil supplies. The West would be the masters of the world if Israel would succeed in bringing the Iranian regime down.
    The point is: this might back-fire, and throw the entire world into a nuclear holocaust.